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Helpful Moving Tips!

Here are many moving tips that you should know while moving house! From the Focus Team.

  1. Take photos before you move into a rented property, proof of any damage to the property already. It also means that you will get your deposit back!tape-mirrors
  2. Use suitcases for your heaviest items – They have handles so they are easy to move and can support the weight.
  3. Cut handles in the sides of your boxes, making it easier to carry them.
  4. Put tape on your mirrors to prevent breaks – the take will absorb the shock.
  5. Change your address in advance – So when you move in your post is already there.
  6. Put paper plates between your china plates, this will prevent them from breaking and give them padding.
  7. Label your boxes on the side not on the top, you will be able to see what is instead of them when they are stacked.
  8. Use sandwich bags for little items such as earrings and screws.
  9. Cling film the utensil draw – means it does not need to be emptied and they wont fall out! kitchen-plate-silverware-Collage-moving
  10. Use white soap or toothpaste to fill in nail holes from where you have hung pictures in the old property.
  11. Ball up your socks and use them as padding in the gaps of boxes to prevent items from falling about in them.
  12. Use strong tape on draws so they do not slide out.
  13. Take breaks while moving, make sure you stay hydrated and eat every so often – falling ill when moving is never good!
  14. Pack a box or two with essentials, so you have it for your first night in the property. Toiletries, pyjama’s, tea and coffee set, toothbrush and toothpaste, etc.
  15. If you can go to your new property before the moving day, go to the property and clean the bathroom and kitchen ready for when you move in.
  16. Take a photo of your electronic wires, this makes it easier when reconnecting them at the new property – no more guessing! #
  17. Make your last food shop two weeks prior your move.
  18. Use towels to protect items in packed boxes.
  19. Don’t forget to call the locksmiths to get the locks changed on your new property.
  20. Once you are all moved in, celebrate with a drink of your choice!

Any questions call Focus Removals today to speak to a member of our team on 01429 867 600

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