Family Time

Are you moving house and have children?
Children take time to adjust to moving home. The younger the child the harder it can be.

It is important to include your children when moving home, making them feel included – helping you pack or decorate the new property.

It is hard to move home for a child, they have to make new friends at school and in their street at home.

If you are using a Removal Company to move your home ask them to pack toys last, this means they are last on and first off, keeping children occupied.

ADULTS: Make a children’s box, full of everything they may need, Include – Nappies, change of clothes, toys, comforters, blankets, and their favourite pajamas.

If your children are too young and need looking after it is best to give them to a family member or a babysitter , someone who can look after them for a long period of time, this means that you can get more done.

Hope this helps!

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