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Crate Storage

The most secure way of packing your items for a move is in crates. They offer that added layer of protection for fragile items that boxes can’t. If you have crates from a move that you don’t want or need at your new home straight away, then why not store them with us, so you can get settled first? Our crate storage facilities in North Wales, Teesside and Yorkshire keep you items safe and out of the way while you get things in order and are ready for all your belongings.

This safe and secure solution is perfect for all your storage requirements with our modern purpose-built storage facilities. When you use our storage facilities, we pack and seal your possessions in special containers to avoid potential damage from external conditions. Everything you leave with us is securely monitored 24/7, all your items are fully insured. Every container is air tight and is protected from water damage, putting your mind at ease when leaving your items, this option is not self-storage.

Crate storage is the perfect way to move in on your own terms. Having all your items at once can just make it feel like you have so much to do. If your new home is smaller than the one you moved out of, or needs some TLC, then you will need somewhere to store your possessions while you get ready. We are here with our crate storage Hartlepool facility to give you a cost-effective way that takes that pressure away from you and allow you to move the way that suits you.

Speak to our friendly team today and find out how our cost-effective and secure storage solutions can help you with your next move.

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