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Moving Mistakes

Removal companies help make your house move far easier, but things can still go wrong. Here are 10 easy mistakes to make and what you should do instead.

#1 – Hiring a removals company without getting a surveyor’s estimate
Removals firms work with volume. The bigger companies have a fleet of vehicles, and they won’t know which ones will be most appropriate unless they know how many possessions you have. Good quality removals services send surveyors round free, who then let the removals firm know what vehicles you’ll require. If you don’t have a surveyor round, you may end up paying too much for a large vehicle, or have to wait while several smaller vans perform multiple round trips.
#2 – Using your final sweep of the house to look for new items to take
It’s only natural to worry you’ve left things behind. To avoid unnecessary stress, you’ll want to start checking cupboards and crevices early so you don’t miss anything, particularly if you have a large house. You should definitely check just before you leave, but this final check is for items you’ve already packed, rather than items you may have forgotten about.
#3 – Setting up new services after removals day
There is generally a period of downtime when disconnecting and reconnecting services, in particular gas and electricity. Make sure you call your suppliers early to ensure you have utilities when taking possession of your new house. The same goes for your telephone line and broadband connection. It’s a good time to see if you can get a better deal too.
#4 – Not labelling your boxes
Whatever size your house, you’ll always find you own more than you think. If you don’t label your boxes with the relevant information, you’ll find yourself wasting time rummaging in them after you settle in trying to find out where the removals company should put them. We recommend labelling them with the room they are supposed to be put in, and a brief summary of their contents.
#5 – Fitting carpet after you’ve moved in
We all like a new house to feel like our own. One of the best ways to do this is to fit new carpet, particularly if the old carpet is frayed or dirty. If you want to install new carpet, but you wait until you’ve moved in, you’ll find yourself having to move all your furniture all over again. Get it done as soon as possible, along with a comprehensive spring clean. That way your new home is clean and fresh as soon as you arrive.
#6 – Failing to plan for your first few days after the move
In the intensity of moving day, it can be easy to forget that you’ll need provisions for your first few days in your new home. What are you going to eat? Where are you going to sleep? Your plates and toiletries may be at the bottom of one of 25 boxes. The best solution is to pack a removals survivor kit with all the essentials, so you can acclimatise yourself to your new home without having to worry about going out to buy supplies.
#7 – Forgetting to clear infrequently visited areas
It’s easy to remember to clear out the kitchen and bathroom, but what about the loft and the shed? Make sure you leave yourself enough time to clear all areas. If you haven’t been there in a while, you may have to sort through years of items. Ensure you take effective safety precautions, for example dust masks, when sorting through old boxes and cupboards.
#8 – Preparing for your move in the wrong order
It’s no good disconnecting your washing machine a month before your completion date. Make sure you wind down your life in your old house in the right order, to avoid having to deal with complications such as no electricity or no frozen food. Our comprehensive moving checklist details what you should do and when, so you’ll have no problems if you read it whilst preparing for your move.
#9 – Spending too much time packing easy items and forgetting the difficult tasks
When it comes to removals day, you don’t want your removals firm waiting impatiently outside because you haven’t disconnected all your machinery. If you aren’t confident preparing a washing machine or computer for transportation, ask a friend or consult a professional. The same goes for light fittings.
#10 – Forgetting to record utility readings
The last thing you want is to be overcharged for your gas and electricity. The moment before you leave, write down your utility readings. These can then be passed onto your suppliers so you only pay what you owe and no more. And whilst you’re at it, check to see whether you can save money with a differnt supplier before you reconnect with your old one.
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